“a raging but danceable blend of funk, 60’s garage, indie influences, punk-distortion, 80’s ballads, 50’s country and more.”” - Dan Archer

— Mile Zero- Banner Post

The Honey cowboy

Alternative Folk Rock born in the apiaries of Alberta's Mighty Peace Country. Profound yet relatable lyrics bolstered by a dynamic blend of musical elements will titillate your senses and solicit dance.


       Founded in 2022, The Honey Cowboy is a band of 5 creators all based out of Grimshaw Alberta. The foundation for the band was laid down over the last decade as Brendan Dickson performed solo as The Honey Cowboy, developing a modest following and a long list of quirky original songs. Since its inception the band has taken these old songs to new levels, with each member contributing their own musical touch to each song. Using this formula the band has now brought into this world a whole pile of exhilarating new material. From this deepening well of original songs the band has been delivering unforgettable performances near and far to an ever expanding fanbase. Leaving it all on the stage every show you can count on The Honey Cowboy to sweeten your life, or at least take a bit of the sting out of it.


          Recently teamed up with Long Story Records, the future is looking very bright for the band and the label. Preparations for the first full album as a band are well underway. An album that will mark the beginning of a new era of rural based music. The Honey Cowboy draws its inspiration from its surroundings, however it is not your typical interpretation of small town life.  What you will hear are songs rooted in topics such as nature, philosophy, and the fantastic world of honey. 


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